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Few birds are as colorful and iridescent as hummingbirds. They flit from flower to flower, hover and then speed off. Watching them move takes a quick eye and even quicker reflexes to catch them in […]

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Beep, beep!

Roadrunners are fairly common in my area of north Scottsdale, Arizona, and this guy was pretty docile when I found him perched on a rock just 10 feet from my office window. I grabbed my […]

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Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

A new year has dawned, and for my first post of the year, I’m going to tell you a little about a great wildlife organization here in the Phoenix, Arizona area that rescues native wild […]

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Yard Birds

I’m fortunate to live in a relatively undeveloped part of Scottsdale, Arizona where there is an abundance of wildlife. As noted in an earlier post, javelinas frequent my yard as do coyotes, snakes, and an […]

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Baby Javelina

Javelinas are not native to Arizona, but migrated here from South America over the years. However, by now they are fairly common in open desert areas such as the area around my home. They usually […]

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Santa Fe & Taos

My wife and I visited these two amazing communities during the last week of September. The reason for our weekend away from Scottsdale was to visit many of the local art galleries, since my wife […]

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North Rim – Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of this country’s most iconic locations for photographers and tourists alike. The deep gash in the crust of the earth must be seen to be truly appreciated, but photographs can […]

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Supermoon – 2013

A few days ago, we were treated to what’s called a Supermoon which not only represented the closest and largest full moon of the year, it also represented the moon’s closest encounter with Earth for […]

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Night Blooming Cactus

These are two cactus flower buds getting ready to blossom late in the evening. I think it’s called an Argentine Giant Cactus, and this species only blooms at night. You’d probably never look twice at […]

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Springtime Butterflies

It’s Spring in the desert southwest, but only for a few more days! Then, the 100-degree-plus days begin. It’s a good thing I enjoy the hot weather. But for now, the desert is still in […]

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