Baby Javelina

Javelinas are not native to Arizona, but migrated here from South America over the years. However, by now they are fairly common in open desert areas such as the area around my home. They usually pass by the house in small packs of 5 or 6 adults and occasionally a few babies follow along with their mothers.

The one shown below was the only baby in a group of 4 adults and shows the brownish color they have when they’re born. It usually takes about 6 weeks for the babies to be weaned, so I would guess this young one is probably not much more than a month old. They give off a very pungent odor which announces their arrival before you can usually see them emerging from the cactus into clearings.

They are easily “spooked” and typically retreat from any unusual sounds or movements, so they don’t generally pose any threat to humans except if they feel their young are in danger. They’re fun to watch as they amble through the cactus and washes. Click on the first image to display larger versions.

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