Trumpicanus Donaldus – New Bird Species

I was excited to spot and photograph a new bird species the other day. Here’s an excerpt describing the bird from the authoritative Journal of United States Ornithological Ephemera:

“The bird was first identified and named in metropolitan New York City on June 16, 2015. Since then, it has spread rapidly and been positively identified in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. Other sightings, which are not yet verified, have been reported in at least ten other states through the northeast and south. Scientists predict it is likely this new species will have propagated throughout the United States by early November, 2016.

“The bird is readily identifiable in the field because of its splotchy orange and white feathers and the fluffy orange-tinged tuft on its head. Behaviorally, the bird inhabits many small to medium size water environments and appears to define its territory by building a makeshift wall of reeds and grasses. Scientists attribute this behavior to an attempt to protect its breeding habitat by excluding other bird species. However, scientists further report that the reed fencing is of little practical value since other species quickly find their way through the improvised wall. Also, the bird’s loud and incessant squawk-like call appears to be highly annoying to many other species that attempt to share its habitat.

Scientific Name: Trumpicanus Donaldus”

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