Triple D & Kalispell

I love photographing wildlife. My wife Pam loves painting wildlife. These similar artistic pursuits share wildlife as a common theme. We recently discovered a wonderful opportunity to bring photography, painting and wildlife together in one spectacular location – Triple D Game Farm in Kalispell, Montana.

We signed up for one of Triple D’s hosted workshops which featured wildlife artists Greg Beecham and Julie Chapman. The two artists began each of their daily workshop sessions with a photographic outing with many of Triple D’s beautiful animals followed by an afternoon session of artwork. Since Pam knows very little about photography and I know nothing about painting I provided the photographic know-how and left Pam to pursue the art portion of the workshop in the afternoon.

Below are just twelve of the hundreds of photographs I captured during four days of intense sessions with these beautiful creatures (Click on any of the small images to enlarge). Pam joined me as an observer during the morning photo sessions. Seeing, photographing and painting this many species in such a short time is something we could never have done on our own without the wonderful people at Triple D. What an incredible experience for both of us!


Pam will be painting many of these stunning animals over the next several weeks, months and probably years. So please visit her website and blog frequently to stay current with her work:

For more information about Triple D:

For more information about Greg Beecham:

For more information about Julie Chapman:


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