Great Horned Owlets

Spring brings nature’s babies, and few babies are cuter than Great Horned Owlets. The following photographs were taken over about a three-week period. They demonstrate how fast these young owls grow, and ultimately fledge.

Their nest is in a stump of a large Saguaro cactus and is a favorite for this particular family. This is the second year I’ve photographed the newborns, and it is always a treat to visit their home.

Fun Facts:

  • The owl’s eyes don’t move in their sockets like a human’s eyes. However, an owl’s head can swivel more the 270 degrees. That allows them to look in virtually any direction.
  • A Great Horned Owl can grip its prey with a force of up to 500 pounds per square inch. Compare that to a human’s strong grip of about 100 pounds per square inch. Pity the owl’s captured prey!
  • Contrary to some tales and legends, it’s highly unlikely that a Great Horned Owl will carry off a normal sized pet such as a cat or dog since the owl is only able to lift around 2-3 pounds.

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