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“Images Arizona” Magazine Article

I’m very excited to announce that several of my photographs have been featured in the February, 2024 edition of “Images Arizona” magazine. The February edition celebrates Valentine’s Day, and what could be more appropriate than […]

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Avian Logos

In the corporate world, businesses create logos to help consumers identify their products. If I mention Coca-Cola, I’ll bet your mind immediately envisions that company’s logo. Try visualizing the logos when I mention McDonald’s, Amazon, […]

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Wolves of the Sky – Harris’s Hawks

Harris’s Hawks can frequently be seen riding the thermals in the skies above the southwestern United States including most of Maricopa County, southern Arizona, Texas, Mexico and into South America. They’ve been dubbed “Wolves of […]

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Learning About New Sights & Sounds – A Burrowing Owl Owlet’s Perspective

For those of you who have been fortunate enough to have seen a young owl, you may have noticed how “cute” it appears to be when it bobs its head up and down or to […]

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2023 Calendar Photo Winner

I’m honored to announce that one of my photographs was selected as one of 12 photographs to be included in the Arizona Game and Fish (AZGFD) annual calendar. For more than 15 years AZGFD has […]

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Gambel’s Quail Chicks – Harbingers of Spring

Distinctive, elegant, iconic – words you can easily apply to the adult Gambel’s Quail of the Sonoran Desert. Adorable, loveable, and just plain cute are words that describe their chicks. Springtime in the desert is […]

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Portal Arizona – A Bird Photographer’s Paradise

What, you’ve never heard of Portal, Arizona? Well, if you enjoy bird watching, bird photography or just plain “getting away from it all”, I think you need to Google it. I visited there for a […]

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American Kestrels – Pint-sized Hunters

These pint-sized residents of our Sonoran Desert have a body length of around 10 inches and weigh in at about 5 ounces which makes them North America’s smallest falcon. But don’t let their diminutive size […]

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Breakfast at the Burrow

Burrowing Owls are some of the most expressive and endearing owls you’re likely to find. Here’s a little captioned photo story of a typical Burrowing Owl family’s breakfast time at the burrow. I hope you […]

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The Endearing Inca Dove

Unless you look carefully, you may never know you’ve seen an Inca Dove even though they are relatively common throughout the Sonoran Desert. At first glance, they look much like the more common Mourning Dove. […]

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