Hot Off The Press

I’m very happy to have one of my photographs appear on the cover of the Netherlands Ornithologists’ Union’s latest edition. It features my photograph of a Cactus Wren. Ardea – the journal’s title – is […]

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April — Owls and More

One of the nice things about April in the desert southwest is the new birth of animal life, especially the birds. This April I was very fortunate to find some Great Horned Owlets nestled into […]

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March — Spring is for the Birds

March brought some early rainy days, but later in the month the skies cleared and brought out many birds in and around the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Spring is a great time for getting out and […]

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February Favorites

I try to take photographs of wildlife nearly every day if my schedule permits and the weather cooperates. Birds continue to be one of my favorite subjects, and here are a few I’ve taken during […]

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Northern Cardinals

One of the most striking birds you’re likely to encounter in the Sonoran Desert is the Northern Cardinal. Their bright red feathers distinguish them from any other desert bird. Although they’re easy to spot, they’re […]

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2018 Favorites

January 1, 2019 seems like a good time to take a look back at some of my favorite photographs from the past year of 2018. The following are of various birds that I’ve been able […]

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American Kestrels

American Kestrels can be found throughout much of the United States including nearly all of Arizona. Although common, they are so small that they may be hard to identify. They’re about the size of a […]

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Backyard Birds & A Bonus

Unlike some of the more elusive wildlife in my area of Scottsdale—like javelina or bobcats—birds can be found in nearly any back yard. They’re abundant. They’re colorful. They sing. And, most wonderful of all, they […]

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Hummingbirds—Colorful Desert Wonders

Hummingbirds, in various varieties, can be found throughout the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, and they are truly wondrous to watch and photograph. Whether you have a hummingbird feeder on your patio or flowering plants in your […]

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Gila Woodpeckers

Many of the holes you see in the Saguaro cacti throughout the Greater Pinnacle Peak area are active or former nest entrances of the Gila Woodpecker. The male has a distinctive bright red patch on […]

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